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"Drought bumps up global thermostat"
As the European drought continues, two research groups have warned that it will unleash large amounts of CO2 into the environment (New Scientist / 6 August 2005 / p.16)


European scientists launching the world largest project on carbon science (Spoleto/Italy, 23 January 2004)
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Afforestation for sustainable development. Scientists urge for strict criteria for CDM projects. Presentation of report on criteria for CDM projects, SBSTA, Bonn/Germany. (6 June)
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Dedicated land use cannot solve the problem of climate change. The first European comprehensive carbon balance shows that only 7-12% of the anthropogenic CO2 emissions are absorbed by the biosphere (Janssens et al., Science 2003). (23 May)
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Climate observer on Ochsenkopf. Max-Planck-Institute for Biogeochemistry launches tall tower measurements of greenhouse gases in Northeast Bavaria . (21 May)
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