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CarboEurope-IP meets policy makers


December 3-14, 2007,
COP13 side event of the European Commission >> COP13 webpage
November 7-9, 2007,
European Development Days >> webpage
May 11th, 2007, Bonn/Germany   SBSTA world climate conference >> summary (Format pdf, Size: 183 kb) >> webpage


November 6-17, 2006, Nairobi/Kenya
COP12 side event of the European Commission >> COP12 webpage
March 2nd 2006, Brussels/Belgium   ECCP Review Meeting
February 28th, 2006, Vienna/Austria   EU Sinks Experts


November 28 - Dezember 9, 2005, Montreal/Canada
COP11 side event of the European Commission >> more >> COP11 webpage
November 3-4, 2005 , Spello/Italy   Conference on “Synthesis of the European Greenhouse Gas Budget“
The conference gave a synthesis of the greenhouse gas budget of the European biosphere and its elements: forests, croplands, grasslands, peatlands, and links between climate change, carbon cycling and biodiversity. An enquiry is under way whether the results shall be published as a book in the Springer series Ecological Studies.
October 18-20, 2005, Rotorua/New Zealand   Informal Dialogue on the Role of Land Use, Land Use Change and Forestry in the Climate Change Response, 2005 Conference
Negotiators from 31 nations and international organisations were present, including the EU Sinks Experts Group. The meeting turned out as an excellent opportunity to exchange views between science and policy needs. Among the 10 invited presentations, the CarboEurope presentations about issues of factoring out the effects of past management in the accounting for carbon sinks by forest management was hottest debated. This shows the relevance of feeding science-based views into the negotiations during the present critical phase of orientation.
May 5-6, 2005, Graz/Austria   Options for Including LULUCF Activities in a Post-2012 International Climate Agreement
An Expert Meeting to Brainstorm on Objectives of LULUCF, Options for Inclusion of LULUCF in a Climate Agreement, and Implications of these Options, with presentations by and participation of CarboEurope members. Parallel working groups discussed important political issues of how to deal with the biosphere in a future climate change regime. Results of the working groups are being summarised in papers for a special issue in Environmental Science and Policy.
May 2-4, 2005, Graz/Austria   Policy workshop Carbo-Invent
Workshop on Land-use Related Choices under the Kyoto Protocol: Obligations, Options and Methodologies for Defining “Forest” and for Selecting Activities under Kyoto Protocol Article 3.4, with presentations by and participation of CarboEurope members
April 4-5, 2005, Amsterdam/Netherlands   Workshop: "A Blueprint for a GHG monitoring system in Europe"
The goal of the workshop was to assess our current monitoring capabilities of the main GHG gasses, identify and quantify the uncertainties involved and outline the direction to a pan-European GHG monitoring network. The workshop was put together as a European contribution to the IGCO (International Global Carbon Observing theme) and the GCP (Global Carbon Project). Results of the workshop are in progress of being published as a book in the Springer series Ecological Studies.
January 20-21, 2005, Yokohama/Japan   Third Japan-EU Workshop on Climate Change Research


December 15th, 2004, Buenos Aires/Argentina
COP10 side event of the European Commission >> more >> COP10 webpage
May 11-12, 2004, Brussels/Belgium   Press event of the European Commission "Communicating European Research – What´s in it for you?" >> more
May 4, 2004 , Brussels/Belgium   Presentation of CarboEurope´s achievements and future objectives for the EU sinks experts group
CarboEurope-IP was invited to present its achievements and plans to the European Council experts group on sinks at a meeting in Brussels , 4 May 2004 . This experts group participates for the European Member States in the international negotiations under the UNFCCC and the Kyoto Protocol. Building on a first fruitful official presentation in 2001, Annette Freibauer confirmed that a pre-operational European monitoring system of anthropogenic and biospheric CO2 sources and sinks is expected to be in place for the second commitment period under the Kyoto Protocol. She highlighted that future rules should focus on the protection of the existing carbon stored in the biosphere, which risks to be lost under changing climate and land use. The biosphere loses carbon much faster than it is taken up from the atmosphere.
>> download the presentation (Format: pdf, Size: 2.792 KB)
January 19-22, 2004, Spoleto/Italy   European scientists launching the world largest project on carbon science >> more

CarboEurope meets policy makers (2001-2003)

December 9th, 2003, Milan/Italy
COP9 side event of the European Commission: "European greenhouse gas budgets of the biosphere" >> more >> COP9 webpage
June 2003, Bonn/Germany   SB19 side event with HWWA, presentation of CDM report >> more
October 23 - November 1, 2002, New Delhi/India
COP8 side event of the European Commission >> COP8 webpage
November 7 th, 2001, Marrakech/Morocco
COP7 side event of the European Commission: "The contribution of carbon sinks to the Kyoto Protocol" >> more >> COP7 webpage
2001, Madrid/Spain   Presentation of CarboEurope´s achievements and future objectives for the EU sinks experts group >> more (Format pdf, Size: 1.971 KB)
November 22nd, 2000, The Hague/The Netherlands
COP6 side event of the European Commission: "Recent results from the European Commission on the science of carbon sinks: international leadership in climate policy negotiations" >> more >> COP6 webpage

CarboEurope-IP has direct contacts with policy makers and agencies in the field of climate change:

European Council experts group on sinks   National governments
European Commission: DG Research, DG Environment, DG Agriculture   ICP Forest >> webpage
Climate Change Committee of the European Commission, Working Group 1 (Annual Inventories)   IPCC >> webpage
European Environment Agency >> webpage   UNFCC Secretariat >> webpage

Policy-relevant research in CarboEurope-IP

”Detection of Kyoto-relevant changes in carbon”    
Atmospheric measurements and a modelling framework to detect changes in atmospheric CO2 concentrations during the time frame of a Kyoto Commitment Period,

Policy-relevant research in Carbo-Invent

>> CarboInvent homepage
Outline of a carbon accounting system for the second Kyoto Commitment Period based on measuring carbon fluxes, stock changes by soil and biomass inventories, vegetation properties by remote sensing, and atmospheric concentrations.

Policy-relevant research and documents in CarboEurope-GHG

>> CarboEurope-GHG homepage
To consider a framework for the protection of existing C pools in the biosphere.

Expert service

CarboEurope-IP offers to European policy makers an expert group for ad-hoc consultation upon request, which is linked with similar activities at the JRC. It consists of scientists working at the science-policy interface: G. Seufert (JRC, co-ordinator), P. Ciais (LSCE), A. Freibauer (MPI-BGC), G.-J. Nabuurs (Alterra), B. Schlamadinger (Joanneum), P. Smith (UNIABDN), and R. Valentini (UNITUS). Further partners will upon request or expressed interest.
Send your request to the policy-group
The expert group will react quickly with a harmonised, consolidated response.








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