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You can also find a CarboEurope-IP project description on the German Council Presidency webpage relating to Sustainability showcases >> webpage
Warmer autumns affecting forest carbon sink capacity (2008-01-03)
Human activities affecting carbon balance of northern forest (2007-06-18)

Special Issue: Options for including agriculture and forestry activities in a post-2012 international climate agreement
CarboEurope has co-sponsored a workshop for bridging between science and climate policy at Graz, 2005. The results have been published as a Special Issue of the Journal "Environmental Science and Policy": Options for including agriculture and forestry activities in a post-2012 international climate agreement (2007) Volume 10, Issue 4, Pages 269-394 (June 2007)
Edited by Bernhard Schlamadinger and David Neil Bird
For more details see:
Special Issue: Options for including agriculture and forestry activities in a post-2012 international climate agreement
Most of the papers originate from a workshop held in Graz / Austria two years ago:

German Environmental Award
This with 500,000 Euro supremely endowed European environmental prize has been awarded for the 14th time. President Koehler presented the German Environmental Award of the Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt in Dresden to the Bavarian entrepreneur Hans G. Huber and the Jena ecosystem researcher Professor Ernst-Detlef Schulze
>> DBU webpage

3rd CarboEurope Best Paper Award 2006
Gorka Pérez-Landa, Fundación CEAM, Valencia/Spain and Hendrik Davi, INRA, have received this year´s young scientist award for the best publications in the field of carbon cycle research:
Pérez-Landa G., P. Ciais, G. Gangoiti, J. L. Palau, A. Carrara, B. Gioli, F. Miglietta, M. Schumacher, M. M. Millán and M. J. Sanz (2007) "Mesoscale circulations over complex terrain in the Valencia coastal region, Spain - Part 2: Modeling CO2 transport using idealized surface fluxes". Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 7(7): 1851-1868
Davi H, Bouriaud O, Dufrêne E, Soudani K, Pontailler JY, Le Maire G, François C, Bréda N, Granier A, Le Dandec V (2006) Effect of aggregating spatial parameters on modelling forest carbon and water fluxes. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 139(3-4), 269-287

2nd CarboEurope Best Paper Award 2005
European young scientist awards for German researchers
Markus Reichstein, Potsdam Institute of Climate Impact Research, Potsdam/Germany and University of Tuscia, Viterbo/Italy, and Mona Vetter, Max-Planck-Institute for Biogeochemistry, Jena, have received this year´s young scientists awards for the best publications in the field of carbon cycle research. >> more
Reichstein M, Falge E, Baldocchi D, et al. (2005) On the separation of net ecosystem exchange into assimilation and ecosystem respiration: review and improved algorithm. Global Change Biology,11, 1424-1439.
Vetter M, Wirth C, Böttcher H, Churkina G, Schulze E-D, Wutzler T, Weber G (2005) Partitioning direct and indirect human-induced effects on carbon sequestration of managed coniferous forests using model simulations and forest inventories. Global Change Biology,11, 810-827.

1st CarboEurope Best Paper Award 2004
The 1st CarboEurope Best Paper Award 2004 was offered during the 2 nd CarboEurope meeting at Dublin, January 2005. The award honours young scientists as first authors of a paper of exceptional merit dealing with a subject related to the scientific scope of CarboEurope, i.e., to understand and quantify the terrestrial carbon balance of Europe. Awards can be given in the categories 1) Ecosystem research, 2) Atmospheric research, 3) Regional studies, 4) Continental scale modelling and integration. Nominations can be made to the Advisory Panel of CarboEurope, which selects the recipients.
The Best Paper Award 2004 winners are two papers related to Ecosystem research:
Carrara, A., Janssens, I. A., Yuste, J. C., and Ceulemans, R. (2004) Seasonal changes in photosynthesis, respiration and NEE of a mixed temperate forest. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 126, 15-31
Subke, J-A , Hahn, V, Battipaglia, G, Linder, S, Buchmann, N, Cotrufo, MF, 2004. Feedback interactions between needle litter decomposition and rhizosphere activity. Oecologia, 139, 551-559.

"The 2003 summer drought in western Europe released twice the amount of carbon as fossil-fuel burning in the same period"
As the European drought continues, two research groups have warned that it will unleash large amounts of CO2 into the environment
>> abstract: New Scientist / 6 August 2005 / p.16

Presentation of CarboEurope-IP

CarboEurope-IP was presented in the documentation "Responding to Climate Change", which was handed out to more than 6000 participants of the UN Climate Conference COP10, Buenos Aires, 6-17 December 2004.

The promise of carbon sinks in future commitment periods: new scientific findings in Europe
Side Event of European Commission at COP10, Buenos Aires, Wednesday, 15 December 2004 – 13-15 HRS, EU PAVILION – Room 1

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