Stimulation of scientific and technological innovation and exploitation of results

Contact: John Grace


A specific Activity has been created to stimulate scientific and technological innovation inside and outside the CarboEurope-IP in order to facilitate the achievement of the ambitious objectives. It also serves to facilitate the exploitation of results of the CarboEurope-IP.



Activity INNOV: Innovation

The Activity aims to serve as a catalyst to produce added value on research activities. It is linked to the secretariat in order to facilitate the communication and create a strong link to dissemination activities. The methodology is flexible in order to allow a creative, efficient stimulation of innovation. Important elements are:

Exploitable results of the CarboEurope-IP encompass a scientifically sound verification system for commitments under the Kyoto Protocol, a very sophisticated integrated network for CO 2 observations at regional and continental scale, and recommendations for land management with regard to the Kyoto Protocol. There is also scope for operationalisation of the observational network, e.g. in GMES. We will try to use instruments of GMES or similar to develop the research infrastructure of CarboEurope-IP for an operationalisation of the prototype monitoring of the European carbon balance, via operationalisation of monitoring facilities and data streams. The research infrastructure could then be directly exploited by EU-wide, national and regional authorities and agencies and private companies. In this context, we will also undertake special attempts to include SMEs.

There are clear opportunities for involvement of SMEs in future research and demonstration activities:

Another important area of dissemination is the capacity building in Eastern Europe and Asia . Although significant efforts were undertaken to identify appropriate partners in the Candidate Countries, only few research institutions proved adequate skills, especially regarding high-precision atmospheric and continuous ecosystem measurements. However, we could establish contacts with several institutions interested in capacity building. So we plan to attract scientists from Candidate Countries and developing countries to train their skills based on the CarboEurope-IP infrastructure and knowledge. Such kind of support has already been established with groups in Belarus , Poland , Russia and China and is being investigated in Ukraine .

Expected results


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