1st CarboEurope-IP Integrated Project Meeting
Spoleto, Italy, 19-22 January, 2004 - Posters



CO2 exchange between terrestrial ecosystems and the atmosphere in the European sub-arctic region
Tuomas Laurila, Mika Aurela, J.-P. Tuovinen, Annalea Lohila, Tea Thum, Juha Hatakka, Tuula Aalto, and Yrjö Viisanen

Surface fluxes in a boreal forest after thinning remain unaltered
T. Vesala, T. Suni, Ü. Rannik, P. Keronen, T. Markkanen, S. Sevanto, T. Grönholm, M. Kulmala, R. Ojansuu, A. Uotila, J. Sevula, A. Mäkelä, J. Pumpanen, P. Kolari, F. Berninger, H. Ilvesniemi, E. Nikinmaa and P. Hari

A comparison of CO2 fluxes from three Irish land use categories, arable, grassland and forestry.
P.A. Davis, K. Black, J. Clifton-Brown, S. Kumar, A. M cCourt, M. Williams, M.B. Jones and B. Osborne

Carbon dioxide fluxes for two years above a temperate grazed grassland
Vesna Jaksic and Gerard Kiely

CO2 fluxes at two grassland sites and one blanket peatland in Southern Ireland
Gerard Kiely, Vesna Jaksic, John Albertson, Gabriel Katul, Ram Oren, Todd Scanlon, Deidre Fay, Owen Carton

Ecosystem-Scale Measurements of Nitrous Oxide Fluxes for an Intensely Grazed, Fertilized Grassland
Todd Scanlon and Gerard Kiely

Effects of advection on the short term net ecosystem exchange
Christian Feigenwinter, Christian Bernhofer and Roland Vogt

A combination of quality assessment tools for eddy covariance measurements with footprint modelling for the characterisation of complex sites. I - Methodology
Mathias Göckede, Corinna Rebmann, Thomas Foken

A combination of quality assessment tools for eddy covariance measurements with footprint modelling for the characterisation of complex sites. II - Results
Mathias Göckede, Corinna Rebmann, Thomas Foken

Comparison of prevalent types of sonic anemometers
Matthias Mauder, Thomas Foken

Recent problems of turbulence sensors
Matthias Mauder, Christoph Thomas, Thomas Foken

Combining CO2 flux tower measurements with spatial forest inventory data for source area analysis
Barbara Köstner, Thomas Wutzler, Thomas Grünwald, Ronald Queck and Christian Bernhofer


Permeation of atmospheric gases through polymer O-rings used in flasks for air sampling
P. Sturm, M. Leuenberger, C. Sirignano, R.E.M. Neubert, H.A.J. Meijer, R. Langenfelds, W.A. Brand, and Y. Tohjima

Tropospheric carbon dioxide concentrations and net ecosystem exchange at Pallas, Finland
T. Aalto, J. Hatakka, M. Aurela, T. Laurila, P. Sankelo and Y. Viisanen

An intercomparison of five global to regional models for atmospheric CO2 as part of the AEROCARB project.
Geels, C., P. Ciais, P. Bousquet, P. Peylin, M. Gloor, R. Dargaville, J. Brandt, J. H., Christensen, L. M. Frohn, M. Heimann, U. Karstens, C. Rödenbeck, L. Rivier and A. T. Vermeulen  

CO 2 flux history 1982-2001 inferred from atmospheric data using a global inversion of atmospheric transport
C. Rödenbeck, S. Houweling, M. Gloor, and M. Heimann

Regional studies

Mesoscale effects on CO2 transport in the lower atmosphere
Gorka Pérez-Landa, María José Sanz, Jose Vicente Chordá, Franco Miglietta, Beniamino Gioli and Millán M. Millán

Database, Inventories and Integrated modelling

Usage of the Research Database of MPI-BGC as the Central Database for CarboEurope
Reiner Krause, Max Große, Thomas Peiselt, Thomas Puhl

INFOCARB: a regional Forest Carbon Inventory ( Trento Province , Southern Italian Alps).
M. Rodeghiero, A. Cescatti, A. Fiora, S. Tonolli, G. Deberti

Towards a Data Assimilation Approach for Ecosystem Process Modeling
Kristina Trusilova, Galina Churkina, Mona Vetter

Linking Process-based CO2-Flux and Growth Models to Remote Sensing and Climate Drivers at European Scale: A Simulation Framework to Support Carbon Balance Assessments
M. Reichstein, M. Wang, N.Q. Dinh, Q. Wang, R. Geyer, E. Falge, S. Running, G. Seufert, R. Valentini and J. Tenhunen

Improving remote-sensing based GPP estimates (MODIS-MOD17) through inverse parameter estimation with CARBOEUROPE eddy covariance flux data
Markus Reichstein, Riccardo Valentini, Steve Running, John Tenhunen, M. Aubinet, M. Aurela, Ch. Bernhofer, O. Bouriaud, N. Buchmann, N. Dinh, F. Miglietta, A. Granier, M. Heimann, A. Knohl, O. Kolle, A. Kowalski, D. Loustau, J.-M. Ourcival, A. Peressotti, S. Rambal, E. Rosenzweig, M. Sanz, G. Seufert, T. Vesala, D. Yakir and respective team members

Simulation and Scaling of Temporal Variation in Gross Primary Production for Coniferous and Deciduous Temperate Forests
Q. Wang, J. Tenhunen, E. Falge, N.Q. Dinh, Ch. Bernhofer, A. Granier, and T. Vesala

PIXGRO: A Model for Simulating the Ecosystem CO2 Exchange and Growth of Spring Barley
J. Tenhunen, S. Adiku, M. Reichstein, A. Lohila, N.Q. Dinh, R. Geyer, M. Aurela, T. Laurila, and J. Lueers

Simulation of Gas Exchange, Plant Growth and Developing Leaf Area in Temperate European Grasslands
J. Tenhunen, S.G.K. Adiku, M. Reichstein, M. Bahn, A. Lohila, M. Aurela, G. Wolfahrt, M. Droesler, N.Q. Dinh, R.Geyer, U. Tappeiner, T. Laurila, A. Cernusca


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