3 rd CarboEurope-IP Integrated Project Meeting
Levi, Finland, 14-18 November, 2005


Flux Component Meeting



The current European Eddy Covariance measurement network consists of more than 100 towers and covers most European ecosystem types, from forests, to grasslands, croplands and wetlands. However it is not demonstrated that the current sites positions are optimal to maximize the representativeness with respect to the European ecosystems and it could be interesting to see if few additional sites could strongly increase the representativeness.

One of the CarboeuropeIP products is an assessment of the current representativeness of the Eddy covariance sites network using different approaches.

It is clear that this is not a simple task, indeed it is the concept of representativeness that can have different aspects: we can look for a network that will represent as best as possible the different ecosystems, the climate space or the latitudinal trend. But also we can assess the representativeness of the network with respect to the disturbances, the management, the inter-annual variability, the vulnerability, etc., or we can look at the optimal network design in the prospective of the use of data for model parameterization and validation.

In this context a workshop is planed in November 13 th and 14 th in Hullu Poro ( Finland ), before the CarboeuropeIP annual meeting. The goal is to review and analyse the concept of representativity with respect to European ecosystem sites, from a sectoral and a modelling perspective. The findings of the workshop are to be published in a peer-reviewed journal.

Tentative agenda:

November 13 th

19.00 – Overview on the representativeness concept and current network representativeness
19.20 – discussion
20.00 – Tower representativeness: footprint analysis
20.20 – discussion

November 14 th

Network representativeness for the different land use

8.30 – Forest (Foken) >> pdf-file (3.500 kb)
8.50 – Grassland (Soussana) >> pdf-file (2.060 kb)
9.10 – Cropland (Wattenbach) >> pdf-file (2.060 kb)
9.30 – Wetland and peatlands
9.50 – discussion
11.30 - Network design and model parametrization and validation
14.00 – Discussion

18.00 – end of the workshop and start of the CEIP annual meeting


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