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UNFCCC COP15 meeting 2008-08-14
30 November - 11 December 2009, Copenhagen/Denmark  
Workshop on modelling greenhouse gases from agriculture 2009-02-11
18-19 November 2009, Landcare Research, Palmerston North, New Zealand


23rd New Phytologist Symposium
Carbon cycling in tropical ecosystems
17-20 November 2009, Guangzhou/China
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International workshop "Atmospheric Transport and Chemistry in Forest Ecosystems" 2009-02-05
5-8 October 2009, Castle of Thurnau (near Bayreuth), Germany
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Sustainability Impact Assessment of the Forest-based Sector 2009-01-13
23-24 September 2009, Uppsala/Sweden  

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Conference on "Adapting Forest Management to Maintain the Environmental Services: Carbon Sequestration, Biodiversity and Water" 2009-01-13
21-24 September 2009, Koli National Park, Finland  
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39th annual conference of the Ecological Society of Germany, Switzerland and Austria 2009-06-15
14-18 September 2009, Bayreuth/Germany  
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8th International Carbon Dioxide Conference 2008-08-11
13-19 September 2009, Jena/Germany  
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22nd New Phytologist Symposium
Effectors in plant–microbe interactions
13-16 September 2009, Versailles/France
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3rd International Symposium on the Environmental Physiology of Ectotherms and Plants 2008-05-07
24-28 August 2009, Tsukuba/Japan  
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International Congress of Science Education, 10 years of the Journal of Science Education 2008-10-14
15- 18 July 2009, Cartagena/Colombia  
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2nd Annual Summer Course in Flux Measurements and Advanced Modeling 2009-02-10
13-24 July 2009, Boulder Colorado/USA
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2009-(29th)-International Conference on Science & Technology 2008-06-04
9-10 July 2009, Prague/Czech Republic  
International Symposium on Soil Organic Matter Dynamics: Land Use, Management and Global Change 2008-10-14
6-9 July 2009, Colorado Springs/USA
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Fifth International Symposium on Non-CO2 Greenhouse Gases (NCGG-5) Science, Reduction Policy and Implementation 2008-06-25
30 June-3 July 2009, Wageningen/The Netherlands  
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"Observing the Arctic: A window to climate change" International Summer School 2009-01-06
27 June-4 July 2009, Svalbard/Norway  
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Eawag Summer School “Environmental Systems Analysis” 2009-03-19
15-19 June 2009, Eawag Dübendorf, Switzerland
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Joensuu Forestry Networking Week 2009-02-03
24-29 May 2009, Joensuu/Finland  
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Workshop in marine and terrestrial productivity under climate change 2009-03-20
12-13 May 2009, Risoe/Denmark
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SpringConference of the British Society of Soil Science 2009-01-13
5-7 May 2009, Edinburgh/UK  
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European Geosciences Union, General Assembly 2009 2009-01-13
19 – 24 April 2009, Vienna/Austria
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Climate Change - Global Risks, Challenges and Decision. International Scientific Congress on Climate Change 2008-08-14
10-12 March 2009, Copenhagen/Denmark  
Beyond Kyoto: Addressing the challenges of climate change. Science meets Industry, Policy and Public 2008-08-14
5-7 March 2009, Århus/Denmark  
26-27 February 2009, Stockholm/Sweden  



AGU 2008 Fall Meeting 2007-06-22
15–19 December 2008, San Francisco/USA  
10 years VEGETATION conference 2008-10-14
9-10 December 2008 in the Egmont Palace in Brussels/Belgium  
European seminar in "Teaching Environmental Sciences" 2008-07-22
3-5 December 2008, Biarritz/France  
Open Science Conference on “Africa and Carbon Cycle: the CarboAfrica project” 2008-10-14
25-27 November 2008, Accra/Ghana  
International Conference “Conventional and Molecular Breeding of Field and Vegetable Crops” 2008-03-04
24-27 November 2008, Novi Sad, Serbia  
MarieCurie iLEAPS workshop
Current understanding of how integrated land ecosystematmosphere processes influence climate dynamics
17-21 November 2008, Hyères/France  
International scientific conference "The european forest - based sector: bio-responses to address new climate and energy challenges? 2008-01-17
6-8 November 2008, Nancy/France  
Science Communication Workshop 2008-05-05
6-7 October 2008, Madrid/Spain  
6th Annual CarboEurope-IP Meeting 2008-01-17
29 September - 3 October 2008, Jena/Germany  
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1st International Workshop on Data Analysis and Modelling in Earth Sciences (DAMES 2008) 2008-01-17
29 September - 1 October 2008, Potsdam/Germany  
International conference “Sustainable forest management in the context of Kyoto Protocol implementation in the region of Central and Eastern Europe" 2008-07-14
24-27 September 2008, Kyiv/Ukraine  
EURECO-GFOE 2008 "Biodiversity in an Ecosystem Context" 2008-01-17
15-19 September 2008, Leipzig/Germany  
ANAEE Workshop 2008-05-19
2-4 September 2008, Paris/France  
NCCR Climate Summer School 2008 2007-06-22
31 August - 5 September 2008, Monte Verità/Ticino/Switzerland  
Chamber calibration campaign: Comparison of static chambers to measure N2O, CH4 and CO2 fluxes from soils 2008-05-15
17 August - 3 October 2008, Hyytiälä forestry field station, Finland  
4th ESA EO Summer School on "Earth System Monitoring & Modelling" 2008-03-11
4-14 August 2008, Esrin (Frascati, near Rome) /Italy  
YSN Workshop on Cultural Use and Impacts of Landscape Fires: Past, Present and Future 2008-03-04
15-19 July 2008, Boulder/Colorado/USA  
Summer Course in Flux Measurements and Advanced Modeling 2008-03-13
14-25 July 2008, Boulder/Colorado/USA  
IVth Annual International Workshop on "C/H2O/Energy balance and climate over boreal regions with special emphasis on eastern Eurasia" 2008-04-22
14-16 July 2008, Yakutsk/Russia  
JUTF summer school on uncertainty in ecosystem modelling 2008-05-19
30 June - 6 July 2008, Aberdeen/UK  
Joint Trends Workshop and Atmosphere Component Meeting 2008-05-05
30 June - 2 July 2008, Schoorl/Netherlands  
Advection Workshop 2008-03-04
30 June & 1 July 2008, Gembloux/Belgium  
9th International Conference on Permafrost 2007-11-07
29 June - 3 July 2008, Fairbanks/Alaska/USA  
CarboEurope Continental Integration component meeting 2008-03-31
24-25 June 2008, Jena/Germany  
Advanced Course "Trends in plant ecophysiology and ecosystem ecology research" 2008-04-15
23-27 June 2008, Palermo/Italy  
Carbon and Communities in Tropical Woodlands Conference 2008-03-31
16-18 June 2008, Edinburgh/UK  
2008 AGU Joint Assembly 2007-11-07
27-30 May 2008, Fort Lauderdale/Florida/USA  
ICOS Kick-off-meeting 2008-04-22
20 May 2008, Amsterdam/The Netherlands  
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28th Conference on Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 2007-11-07
28 April - 2 May 2008, Orlando/Florida/USA  
Workshop: Modelling geophysical systems by statistical mechanics methods 2007-11-07
27 April - 2 May 2008, Erice/Italy  
COST 639 - Workshop:
"Upscaling, modelling and uncertainty in the asseement of GHG emissions from soils"
27-29 April 2008, Rostock/Germany  
General Assembly of the European Geosciences Union (EGU 2008) 2007-06-22
13-18 April 2008, Vienna/Austria  
Workshop on eddy covariance flux measurements of CH4 and N2O exchanges 2007-11-06
8-11 April 2008, Hyytiälä/Finland  
Short course remote sensing 2008-02-20
25 March - 4 April 2008, Freiberg/Germany  
Vulnerability and Opportunity of Methane Hydrates Workshop 2007-06-22
13-14 March 2008, IIASA, Laxenburg/Austria  
AGU 2008 Ocean Sciences Meeting "From the Watershed to the Global Ocean" 2007-06-22
2–7 March 2008, Orlando/Florida/USA  
Workshop on Aerosol-Climate Interactions: Mechanisms, Monitoring, and Impacts in Tropical Regions 2007-06-22
11-15 February 2008, Hurghada/Egypt  
Chapman Conference on the Solar Wind Interaction with Mars 2007-06-22
22–25 January 2008, Bahia Resort Hotel, San Diego/USA  
School on Climate Extremes 2007-08-08
21-25 January 2008, Lecce/Italy  



AGU 2007 Fall Meeting

10–14 December 2007, San Francisco/USA

UNFCCC COP-13 Side Event: Carbon Management in Cities: Gaps in policy discussions and scientific understanding

6 December, Bali/Indonesia


3-14 December, Bali/Indonesia

50th Anniversary of the Global Carbon Dioxide Record

28-30 November, Kona/Hawaii

Final Conference of the programme "'The role of soils in the terrestrial carbon balance" from the European Science Foundation

20-22 November 2007, Pont à Mousson/France

Minimizing Impacts of Palm Oil and Biofuel Production in Se Asia On Peatlands, Biodiversity and Climate Change

31 October – 2 November 2007, Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia

Climate Information: Responding to User Needs
Bringing Observations, Data Management, Modeling, and Prediction into the Decision Process

22-23 October 2007, University of Maryland/USA

Biofuels, Carbon and Trade:
Leadership Challenges for the Interdependent Americas

22-23 October 2007, Minneapolis/Minnesota/USA

5th Annual CarboEurope-IP Meeting

8-12 October 2007, Poznan/Poland
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Atmospheric Component thematic meeting: "Understanding recent trends in atmopsheric CO2 and tracers and their possible causes"

7-8 October 2007, Poznan/Poland
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Chapman Conference on Long Time-Series Observations in Coastal Ecosystems: Comparative Analyses of Phytoplankton Dynamics on Regional to Global Scales

8–12 October 2007, Hotel Eden, Rovinj/Croatia
2-5 October August 2007, Sydney/Australia
2nd International Workshop on uncertainty in greenhouse gas inventories
27–28 September 2007, International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, Laxenburg/Austria
„Klimaschutz und Klimawandel – Rolle der Forstwirtschaft“ Tagung (in german)
27–28 September 2007, Thüringer Landesanstalt für Wald, Jagd und Fischerei, Gotha/Germany
Chapman Conference on the Role of the Stratosphere in Climate and Climate Change
24–28 September 2007, Thera Foundation Conference Center, Santorini/Greece
14th WMO/IAEA Meeting of experts on carbon dioxide, other greenhouse gases, and related tracer measurement techniques
10-13th September 2007, Finnish Meteorological Institute, Helsinki/Finland
International Summer School on Siberian Biodiversity and Sustainable Development
3-7 September 2007, Krasnoyarsk/Russia

Carbon-Climate-Human Interactions in tropical peatland: carbon pools, fire, mitigation, restoration and wise use

28-31 August 2007, Yogyakarta/Indonesia

Second International Conference on Earth System Modelling

27-31 August 2007, Hamburg/Germany

summer school 2007 on "Land Surface – Atmosphere Interactions in a Changing Climate"

26–31 August 2007, Grindelwald/Switzerland

West Siberian peatlands and carbon cycle: past and present

26-30 August 2007, Khanty-Mansiysk/Russia

Carbon Cycle Research in Africa

24-26 August 2007, Kruger NP/South Africa

7th Meeting of the Scientific Steering Committee of the GCP

20-23 August 2007, Kruger NP/South Africa

CarboEurope Continental Integration Summer meeting

30-31 July 2007, Heidelberg/Germany

International Energy Workshop (IEW)

25-27 June 2007, Stanford University, CA, USA

Workshop: Modelling the Management and Dynamics of Grass- and Croplands Across Scales And
CarboEurope IP - Cropland Activity Meeting

14-16 June 2007, Aberdeen/UK

summer school 2007 on "Ecohydrology"

11-15 June 2007 Amsterdam/Netherlands
NCAR Advanced Study Colloquium "Regional Biogeochemistry: Needs and Methodologies"
4-15 June 2007, Boulder/Colorado/USA
Impacts of landcover change on ecosystem carbon and water AGU Cycling Joint Assembly (B03 Session)
22-25 May 2007, Acapulco/Mexico

summer school 2007 on "Global Environmental Change: Processes, Compartments and Interactions"

18-24 May 2007, in the Netherlands
Atmospheric CO2 Inversions
24-27 April 2007, Purdue University (IN), USA
General Assembly of the European Geosciences Union (EGU 2007)
15-20 April 2007, Vienna/Austria
Symposium on Carbon in Peatlands: State of the art and future research
15-18 April 2007, Wageningen/The Netherlands
Ocean Surface: pCO2 and Vulnerabilities
11-14 April 2007, UNESCO, Paris/France
Stable Isotope Spring School in the frame of the European Science Foundation Programme SIBAE (Stable Isotopes in Biospheric - Atmospheric Exchange)
2-13 April 2007, Vienna/Austria
Urban and regional development pathways and their carbon implications
28-30 March 2007, Tsukuba/Japan
Carbon Market Insights
13-15 March 2007, Copenhagen/Denmark
Arctic Carbon Assessment Workshop (AMAP/CLiC/IASC)
27 February - 1 March 2007, Seattle/USA
Fluxnet Synthesis Workshop 2007
19-22 February 2007, Italy
Bioenergy Europe 2007
5- 6 February 2007, London/UK
Joint Canada-Mexico-USA Carbon Program (JNACP) Planning Meeting
25-26 January 2007, Colorado Springs/Colorado/USA
Status of current capabilities and future directions for Carbon Cycle Data Assimilation
15-19 January 2007, San Antonio/Texas/USA



AGU FALL Meeting

11-15 December 2006, San Francisco, California/USA
Expert Workshop under the Convention on Long-range Transboundary Air Pollution Atmospheric
Ammonia Detecting emission changes and environmental impacts
4-6 December 2006, Edinburgh, UK
Workshop on "Carbon and Rural Development"
20-22 November 2006, Venice, Italy

Open Science Conference on the GHG Cycle in the Northern Hemisphere

14-18 November 2006, Sissi-Lassithi, Crete
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4th Annual CarboEurope-IP Meeting

13-14 November 2006, Sissi-Lassithi, Crete
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International Soil Respiration Database Workshop

9-11 November 2006, Sissi-Lassithi, Crete
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Global Environmental Change: Regional Challenges

9-12 November 2006, Beijing/China
Second International Young Scientists' Conference on Global Change Research
7-8 November 2006, Beijing/China
Seminar on "Preserving and storing carbon in soils of cool temperate regions"
27-29 September 2006, near Lillehammer/Norway
Atmospheric Component meeting
21-22 September 2006, Heidelberg/Germany
International Conference on "15 years of EU supported ecophysiological research in the Czech Republic"
18-21 September 2006, Olomouc City/Czech Republic

Workshop on Gap Filling Comparison

18-20 September 2006, Jena/Germany

The EFI Annual Conference with a scientific seminar on  ‘The Role of Forestry in Integrated Environmental Assessments’

14-16 September 2006, Abbey Rolduc, Kerkrade/The Netherlands

Carbon Management at Urban & Regional Levels: Connecting Development Decisions to Global Issues

4-8 September 2006, Mexico City/Mexico

6th Scientific Steering Committee Meeting of the Global Carbon Project

31 August - 2 September 2006, Mexico City/Mexico
Conference on New Challenges in Management of Boreal Forests
28-30 August 2006, Umeå/Sweden
International Conference on Regional Carbon Budgets
16-18 August 2006, Beijing/China

Utrecht Summer school on Physics of the Climate System

15-25 August 2006, Utrecht/The Netherlands

Western Pacific Geophysics Meeting (WPGM)
B04: Cross-scale Studies on Carbon Cycles: From Biometric Measurements, Eddy Covariance, to Remote Sensing

24-27 July 2006, Beijing/China
CarboEurope Continental Integration Meeting
24-25 July 2006, Bern/Switzerland
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Summer Graduate Workshop on Data Assimilation for the Carbon Cycle
16-29 July 2006, Berkeley/California
36th Committee on Space Research (COSPAR) Scientific Assembly
16-23 July 2006, Beijing/China
Summer school on Eddy covariance measurements
10-21 July 2006, Namur/Belgium
1-week summer course within the EU Integrated Project CARBOOCEAN:
"Modelling of the marine carbon cycle from small to global scale"
18-25 June 2006, Bergen/Norway
Earth System Feedbacks:
Vulnerability of the Carbon Cycle to Drought and Fire
Part I: 5-8 June 2006 (International meeting), Canberra/Australia
Part II 8-9 June 2006 (Australian focus), Canberra/Australia
Spring school on “Mesoscale processes in the carbon cycle”
30 May - 1 June 2006, Heidelberg/Germany
3rd International Workshop on Greenhouse Gas Measurements from Space (IWGGMS)
30-31 May 2006, Tsukuba/Japan
Vulnerability of Carbon in Permafrost
28-30 May 2006, NCEAS, Santa Barbara, California/USA
UNFCCC Special Side Event on Research Needs of the Convention
18-26 May 2006, Bonn/Germany
A Future with Zero CO2 Emissions: Climate Protection and promotion of renewable energy
15-17 May 2006, Stockholm/Sweden
MIND Workshop entitled "The vulnerability of Mediterranean Terrestrial Ecosystems to Climate Change"
27-28 April 2006, Rome/Italy
WORKSHOP on Development of models and forest soil surveys for monitoring of soil carbon
5-8 April 2006, Koli/Finland
European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2006
BG1.11 CARBOEUROPE: Approaches to assess regional terrestrial carbon budgets
2-7 April 2006, Vienna/Austria
Forest Ecosystem Carbon and Its Economic Implications
16 March 2006, Helsinki/Finland
NitroEurope-IP Kick-off Meeting
13-17 March 2006, Garmisch Partenkirchen/Germany
"Isotopes as Tracers of Ecological Change" Meeting
13-15 March 2006, Tomar/Portugal
Final workshop of the CHIOTTO project
"The potential of tall tower GHG concentration data in (inverse) transport models"
9-10 March 2006, Amsterdam/The Netherlands



3rd Annual CarboEurope-IP meeting
14-18 November 2005, Lappland/Finland
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CarboSchools Communication training
14 November 2005, Lappland/Finland
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Flux Component Meeting
13-14 November 2005, Lappland/Finland
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CarboEurope GHG Final Conference
3-4 November 2005, Spello/Italy
19 October 2005, Paris/France
Data selection Meeting
17-18October 2005, Paris/France
Regional ExperimentMeeting
5-7 October 2005, Florence/Italy
Management of forest ecosystems and its impacts on the GHG budget
25-28 August 2005, Savonlinna/Finland
CarboEurope Integration workshop
22-25 August 2005, Ispra/Italy
Training course: Fluxes of greenhouse gases in cultivated agricultural systems.
2-5 August 2005, Copenhagen/Risö, Denmark
Open workshop: Fluxes of greenhouse gases in cultivated agricultural systems.
1-5 August 2005, Copenhagen/Risö, Denmark

Carbon from Space Meeting, ESA-ESRIN

6-8 June 2005, Frascati/Italy

Options for Including LULUCF Activities in a Post-2012 International Climate Agreement

5-6 May 2005, Graz/Austria
Land-use Related Choices under the Kyoto Protocol
2-4 May 2005, Graz/Austria
European Geosciences Union, General Assembly 2005
24-29 April 2005, Vienna/Austria
Climate Change Science, Impacts & Responses
11-15 April 2005, London/UK
A Blueprint for a GHG monitoring system in Europe
4-5 April 2005, Amsterdam/The Netherlands
Workshop on CarboEurope school projects
20-26 March, Die/France
2nd Annual CarboEurope-IP meeting
10-14 January, Dublin/Ireland
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Executive Board meeting
10 January, Dublin/Ireland



FLUXNET 2004 Open Workshop
13-15 December 2004
Optimization of flux network
CO2 concentration measurements on eddy flux towers
Greengrass final project meeting
27-29 October, Trento/Italy
Advanced Training Course: Airborne Flux Measurements & Remote Sensing
24-30 October, Roma/Italy
COST E21 meeting
7-9 October, Dublin/Ireland
Carbo-Invent plenary meeting
5-6 October, Dublin/Ireland
CarboEurope/COST Action 627 joint workshop "Partitioning soil CO2 efflux"
2-4 October, Capri/Italy
Advanced Training Course in Airborne Flux Measurements
Early October, Italy
1st CarboEurope Continental Integration Workshop
22-25 September, Potsdam/Germany
Joint workshop of bottom-up and inverse top-down modelling
20-25 September, Potsdam/Germany
Workshop to define the Methology that will be followed during the next measurement campaigns (Renon iN2005)
16-18 September, Ondrasuv Dvur Recreation Area, Beskydy Mts/Czech Republic
Training course: Effects of management practices on carbon sequestration in forest ecosystems.
14-17 September, Mekrijärvi/Finland
Effects of management practices on carbon sequestration in forest ecosystems.
13 September, Joensuu/Finland
ESF summer school on 'Integrated Methodology on soil carbon flux measurements'
12-24 September, Centro di Ecologia Alpina at Monto Bondone, near Trento/Italy
Greengrass final project meeting
Advection methodology
Autumn, Czech Republic
Executive Board teleconference
2 August, 11 a.m. CET
Camels project meeting
21-22 June, Exeter/UK
Workshop on Gap-filling and partitioning techniques (Ecosystem Component)
9-10 June, Viterbo/Italy
Workshop on Assessment of regional modelling (Regional Experiment)
27-28 May, Amsterdam/NL
Measurement protocols for ecosystem parameters in grassland, cropland and wetland (Ecosystem Component)
29 March, Paris/France
1st CarboEurope-IP Integrated Project Meeting
19-22 January, Spoleto/Italy

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2nd CARBOEUROPE QA/QC-Workshop for eddy covariance measurements
18-19 January, Spoleto/Italy
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Meetings of the Global Carbon Project (GCP)


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