This project ended 2008. There will be no further updates of the web-page.

Final update August 2011.



Integrated Project CarboEurope-IP

Assessment of the European Terrestrial Carbon Balance


What is the role of the European continent in the global carbon cycle?

To advance our understanding in a multidisciplinary and integrated way, 61 research centres from 17 European countries have joined forces for a 5-year EU-funded research project started in January 2004. CarboEurope-IP addresses basic scientific questions of high political relevance.




WP 1 - Ecosystems WP 2 - Atmosphere WP 3 - Regional Experiment WP 4 -  Integration CarboSchools



Contact for databases:
Eddy flux data: Dario Papale Email
Inventory data: Sebastiaan Luyssaert Email
Fossil fuel data: Jochen Theloke Email
Atmospheric data: Philippe Ciais Email


Follow-up project: Greenhouse gas management in European land use systems GHG-Europe